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Intl Parties -- Volunteering as a Party Host New Friends party banner

  Get more out of parties. Volunteer!


Looking for volunteer staff to help run the parties. Staff positions are geared towards people that want to get more involved or maybe learn a new skill. The point of a party is to get to know people. By helping as staff, everyone will get to know you quicker and once they know you, your network of friends will grow.

Learn how to get the most out of parties

Role: The door

As people come in, ask whether they have a printed discount coupon. Otherwise have them write down their contact information. Collect entrance fee. Then offer them a shot. Make toast and drink with guest, afterall this is a social event. The door is like a 2nd bar. People often hang out at the entrance area and drink or smoke. So this role is fun!

This role is usually taken by one of the promoters.

Role: DJ

This is a very sought after role. The parties have been three hours long. So each DJ can spins for an hour. We call this a DJ slot. So we have three DJ slots per party.

We judge a DJs popularity by the number of people they bring to the party as well as if people dance at the party. We will give preference to DJs can can draw a crowd. Of course we pay DJs when they bring guests.

Role: bar

Usually have two bartenders at the bar. One at the entrance. May start teaching bartending, so that makes three bars. So we need reliable bartenders.

The drink menu is mostly drinks with two ingredients. So it's a no brainer, but it's shocking how many people have never gotten the chance to learn how to pour alcoholic drinks.

We prefer bartenders that can also bring out their friends. We pay for the guests they can bring and give a small gratuity.

Role: Photographer

Photographers need to have an eye for the kind of photos that would be seen positively by someone considering whether or not to come to the parties. Photos of crowds, people dancing, anyone in costumes. Nice photos are interesting. But developing an eye for what would be a good photo is a talent.

One of the promoters or photography enthusiast takes the photos.

Role: Promoter

Reliable person or company that gathers people for our regular parties. The more promoters the more parties we can make. Promoters make the party more diverse by bringing a completely different group of people to the parties.

Compensated for the people they bring out.

We develop strong working relationships and often bring each other in on other business oppurtunities.

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