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Backup Report -- Reseller Affiliate

  For Backup Report to continuously improve on quality we seek to team up with resellers

Affiliate: Existing Customer

We credit with two free months of service for existing customers that refer new customers. So it is possible to get Backup Report for free simply by continuously referring new customers. The two free months will be credited if the new customer says that you are the referral source in the application form.

Affiliate: Not Customer

Earn money by referring new customers. This program values people that can direct traffic to Backup Report site whether by writing articles, putting up a banner on their site, or by the old fashion way word of mouth.

We track who should becredited for the referral by asking customers in the application form where they heard about Backup Report. if notes as the referral source then you get credited for the referral.

Evaluation Criteria

Usually not a Backup Report customer

Must explicitly ask to join the affiliate program

Might be contacted to join the affiliate program in order to compensate and encourage cooperation.

Compensation Plan

Pays 5,000 yen or equivalent after the referred customer has continued to be a customer for at two months. Paid on the third month.


To provide reliable customer service, resellers handle customer requests in their native language and in the customers local area. This helps to mitigate cultural, payment, and time zone issues, making it easier for customers to quickly resolve their requests. The primary support issue, where resellers come in, is to support customers to recover their site from backups. Resellers in exchange for providing customer support and increasing revenues are appropriately rewarded.

Compensation Plan

This is negotiated with each reseller. The differences in reseller agreements reflects the market need and reseller capabilities and role.

Please contact us, using the contact form or call, to talk about either becoming a reseller or an affiliate.