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Intl Parties -- Reasons for going to Parties

  Just look at what other party organizers are saying to promote their parties.

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When meeting someone for the first time, consciously or unconsciously, we decide whether we like that person or not. Many people stop at this point, going again and again to parties and never really making real friends. So stop just meeting people and start making friends. A real friend is someone we regularly contact. To contact someone you need to be able to contact them. So collect the contact information of people whom you would like as new friends.

What do alcoholics want?

Shocking shocking! Who would have known?! Some people just come to hang out and get completely wasted. The main draw of the parties are that they are all you can drink and overall you'll pay less than if it was pay as you go (i.e. cash bar). Our parties are alcoholic friendly parties. As long as you are conscious and not decorating the floor then you are welcome to continue drinking as much as you want. Remember in Tokyo, almost no one drives. So your pretty assured that even if you get very drunk you'll live to see tomorrow. Cheers!!

What do girls want?

When party organizers promote their parties, keywords like these are used:

"language exchange"
"make friends with foreigners"
"meet other language students"
"get accustom to being around foreigners"
"Make friends, build your social network, and enjoy life"
"Find YOUR language teacher"

Notice rarely do we see "dating" or "singles party". No "find your prince" or "steal your best friends boyfriend, face it she choose him because he's a good catch!". Why is that? Girls often say their primary goal is to be around foreigners or to improve their language ability. In which case, the best way is to make foreign friends and then meet them regularly outside of the parties. But rarely are girls actively collecting foreigners contact information. Girls are waiting for the guys to do it. Girls imagine they are a princess waiting for their prince. Real life is not a fantasy novel. Join us in reality, it's much more rewarding!! In real life, we get out what we put in. Since most girls are reactive, it makes sense they'll need to come again and again to parties and still never attain what they want. So girls are especially encouraged to be aggresive in building their social network of friends. Don't you want to be happy? Do you think other girls are completely happy? Now you know the reason why. Stop being a fantasy princess, instead insist on being happy. It's simplier. Just go for happiness!

What do boys want?

When party organizers promote their parties, keywords like these are used:

"Want to practice Japanese?"
"Want to meet potential bilingual Japanese business partners?"
"Want to make new friends?"
"Find students"

Just once meet a foreign guy that was looking to improve his Japanese language ability. Wouldn't describe him as lonely. All the other guys, seem to be girl hunting. Just like networking, working the room is most effective method for meeting the most new friends. Then after the party there is more time to contact everyone. During the party, it's a game of meet as many people as possible. Don't know the success rate. Do the people met, actually become new friends, when so little time was spent actually talking to them? Try both methods and see which one works best. If your not contacting people after the party and trying to meet as many people as possible you're wasting both your and the people you meet. At the very least, have the intention of getting to know people and make friends.

Tips to collecting contact information

Have seen two different methods of effectively collecting contact information. A note pad / pen and by keitai's infrared exchange. I recommend using a note pad and pen. Personal opinion is a keitai infrared exchange takes more time and collects less information than collecting by notepad and pen. An advantage of a keitai's infrared exchange is that there is no worries about not being able to read someone else's hand writing.

After the party drop an email to everyone that you meet. It can be short, "Nice meeting at the party! Lets go out to parties together. Know any good parties coming up?" or write a more personal email, continuing where the discussion left off at the end of the party.

Tips to staying to touch with new friends

After meeting someone, how are you keeping track of these new friends? Using your keitai or are not bothering to keep in contact at all? We recommend using an online friends database as the main storage place and keeping contact information more readily available in keitai. But make sure the friends database has the most up to date information. Ask us to recommend an online friends database...

Make new friends quicker, help host parties.

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