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Backup Report -- Organizing your Life using Keywords

  Isn't using keywords just for web pages? Come on, keywords aren't going to improve my life!

Organizing your life using Keywords

As we start to know more and more people, we face the challenge of keeping track of all these people and getting more out of these relationships. It's such a waste to meet someone, who is really interesting, and then never contacting that person again. So here is a guide for myself and everyone else on using keywords to track contacts.

Data Quality

Some people think that as long as we have a persons contact information that is enough. We can market to that person. However if we know more useful information then we can focus our marketing getting better results and avoiding annoying people with poor quality marketing. So we can look at the quality of data to see whether we have keywords for each keyword category (hereinafter referred to as 'challenge'). Would prefer to continuously improve data quality. Does improving data quality have a direct correlation to strengthen our relationships? Statistically would like to know which data quality improvements have the biggest effect on strength of relationship and how are we measuring strength of relationship? Hmmm...

Would like an algorithm to search for data quality. And show the data quality when we view profiles.

Searching Basics

Keywords are seperated by space and should be in lowercase letters.

The search algorithm supports AND NOT logic. Here is how it works:

When a keyword has a space in it, surround in double quotes.
Examples "graphic designer" pic

Using an "!" exclamation mark before a keyword means "not" or exclude people with this keyword from search results. Examples "!graphic designer" !pic

Notice when a keyword includes a space the ! exclamation mark goes inside the surrounding double quotes not outside.

OR logic can be emulated by combining the search results of multiple searches. So how can seperate search results be combined? Use a temporary keyword. Just make something up. Then use a macro to add keyword to the search result. Repeat process for each search. Then search for that temporary keyword. Remove the temporary keyword using the same macro when it's no longer needed.

Sample: Combining multiple searches
gaijin male bizgroup !married   Add keyword: available
female !married bargroup Add keyword: available
female !married eikaiwa Add keyword: available
Search for keyword 'available'

Communication Goals, defining the challenge

Challenge: Availability

The weekend comes, would like to go meet up with a friend. Whose available?

Keywords to use: mon tue wed thu fri sat sun chaos

Each keyword is a day of the week indicating when that person is available. 'chaos' means we have asked the person about their availability, but it changes often or they are very busy. 'chaos' means we have asked, so the data quality for that contact is of higher quality.

Sample searches
  fri sat  Shows the people we have tagged who are available on Friday and Saturday.

  !mon !tue !wed !thu !fri !sat !sun !chaos  Who we haven't tagged.

Challenge: relationship type

We can decide or happen into different types of relationships. Ultimately it is up to each of us to communicate our own desires. Which either happens or it doesn't. Sometimes we are open about our own wants. Other times we only care about what are the other person desires. So lets admit that we dig our own graves. First step is admitting it. Which is what relationship type is about.

This is defining the end points of the spectrum, undoubtedly there are many colors within this spectrum. If you can think of other colors please use the contact form and tell us. We are interested.

Keywords to use: open mono

Open  Both people have other boyfriends / girlfriends.
Monogamous  No other relationships with others (cough).

Challenge: Personality Type

Would ideally like to know who is easier to deal with and who causes problems.

Keywords to use: dominant, accepting

Challenge: Proximity

Want to go to a certain place and hang out. Who else lives near that place? Or we are at a certain place now and would like some company. Who else lives or works near by?

Notice the difference between proximity and location. We would like to know how far in minutes from where we are now. Not acedemic knowledge of just where we are and where they are.

Would like to say there is an easy solution using keywords, but in this case we need to know first where we are. So in a search form we would need to enter our current location. Then we can search looking at where people live or work. This information can't be stored as a keyword. Possible sources of information to calculate number of minutes to reach a certain location could come from JR railways or subway. Hopefully there is a way to query for this information.

Challenge: Marital Status

We do not care if someone is divorced. It means they are available or single. We can assume that everyone is single if not explicitly marked as married. If the relationship type is 'open' then can we assume that person is still looking?! Hmmm?

Keywords to use: married

Challenge: Where we met

This information is used as a brain jogger, so we can remember where we meet this person. Not usually used when searching.

Keywords to use (general): street bar party train dating

Keywords to use (specific): lexe tasuichi cominn paragon jcc xanadu mickeyhouse pcm rubyroom dubliners eigotown

Challenge: Organizing our own events

Once we have meet lots of people, it becomes too hard to meet everyone individually. So we eventually start throwing events. We want to be targeted in which group to place people.

Keywords to use: bizgroup bargroup eikaiwa

Challenge: Vices

Are we compatible with this person? Non-smokers tend to be turned off by smokers. And smokers would prefer to hang out with other smokers. Sure someone can think of other vices

Keywords to use: smoker

Challenge: Hobbies, skills, job, qualifications

Recruiters make a career (cough) out of matching skills to positions. Eventually we will all want to find and know people with useful skills, so track this information.

Keywords to use: photographer "graphic designer" pm se student mba cpa model recruiter

Challenge: Demographics (religion, general race)

We currently store citizenship in a separate field. Citizenship and nationality are different. A jew's religion is jewish, citizenship lets say American, and nationality is jewish. So citizenship and nationality shouldn't be considered the same thing. Failing to treat these concepts seperately is a common mistake which is incouraged by both France and the United States. They would prefer if we forget and just consider ourselves just being from a particular country. They purposely don't teach and in fact obfuscate this concept.

Keywords to use: gaijin african jewish family

Challenge: Sex, Sexuality

Bisexual needs to be spelled out because lesbian also has 'bi' in the word and would come out in search results. This makes a sex field obsolete. Also if someone lives with their parents then that has negative social implications.

Keywords to use: male female gay lesbian straight bisexual parentshome

Challenge: Has photo

Having a photo of a person helps us to remember that person. When we know 1000 people having a photo of each person becomes especially convenient.

Keywords to use: pic

Challenge: Tracking our clients

We might be providing more than one service, so we should decide on a keyword for each service we provide. Keyword 'client'

Keywords to use (general): client

Keywords to use (specific): backup pcsupport hosting salesdb translation

Challenge: Blacklist or competitors

Sometimes we don't want to send information to our competitors, but would still like to know who are our competitors. If someone opts out from a mailing list then we don't put them on a blacklist, just remove them from a group like bizgroup or bargroup. If someone opts out of all mailing lists then we blacklist them.

Keywords to use: organizer bl

Challenge: When to Contact Prioritization

Keywords can be used to have an effect on when contact reminders occur. These keywords work in combination with dates, such as call next and last update date. By setting a priority level, we can influence who gets our most precious commodity, our time.

Keywords to use: low med high

Challenge: Dates

A demographic is knowing someones age. We figure out age using the date of birth. It's a calculation and thus not appropriate as a keyword. Dates worth tracking: birth date, met date, profile update date, registration date, call next date, ovulation date.