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Backup Report -- Various Approaches to backup

  Lets see various approaches to site backup


Do nothing

This is the norm. When changes are made, most likely there are no backups of those changes. Loss of a site with active community most likely would be unrecoverable. Life will go on and the community will move elsewhere.



We are all very busy. Regular backup is not on the top of our priority list. So backups are made irregularly and usually onto a hdd on someone's work PC. Since the backups are irregular when disaster strikes there will be unrecoverable loss of content since the last backup.


Always on server

When companies think of backup, what comes to mind is a server running 24/7 in a cooled room. The server is most of the time dedicated to the task of backups and periodically runs an automated script. This is a solution to the backup issue. But...

Who's watching?

No one is watching if the backups are successful or not. If the server breaks, most likely no one will notice or care for a very long time.

Power, lots of it!

Another issue with this method is its environmental consequences. Cooling a room or running a overpowered server 24/7 takes enormous energy.

A fun analogy to put this methodology into perspective. Cluster bombing an area, where rioting is occurring, is an effective means for a government to quickly solve this issue.

Another analogy which periodically bares its ugly head in the news. Cutting down forests, which consumes huge quantities of water, is a good way to redirect water for use by farms.

Backup Report

A low power PC is used to run the backup scripts only when the PC is started. Once the backups are completed, backup history is published to the Backup Report site. After this the PC and the external storage media are turned off. So power is only consumed as long as necessary and no more. This leaves a diminished footprint on the environment.

Backup Report is not hidden. Both web site owners and site visitors can see a site's Backup Report. Whether out of curiosity or genuine concern, there are going to be many "eyes and ears" monitoring a site's Backup Report.

Showing a site is regularly backed up, will leave a positive impression on site visitors.

As marketing becomes more real time and the ad oriented approach wanes in effectiveness, companies are finding themselves focused on engaging and interacting with the public. Backup Report, by keeping access to information public, shows a companies commitment not just to quality, also to being community oriented.

Allows clients to avoid wasting unnecessary resources. No need to buy expensive hardware solutions; saving floor space, electricity, and diminishing impact on the environment. Outsourcing process that are non core business process makes sense if the service is of higher quality or there is a price advantage.