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Jazz group performing

Jazz group performing

Jazz singer Ai Yumeno and pianist Kensei Matsumoto performing.
Jazz group profile shot

Jazz group profile shot

Jazz singer Ai Yumeno and pianist Kensei Matsumoto after the performance.
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Sat Feb 9th 7PM-10PM 

Organic Wine and Live Music Birthday party
Mominoki House Tokyo

Happy New Year!Now is a great season to eat broccoli soymilk stew.How about having some broccoli stew, fruit cake, and the one-and-only gold medal California Organic wine?At the same time, we can have a birthday celebration with live piano music by Chiyone.Take your choice of white or red from the 3-year award winning Southcoast Winery.This is a great chance to have a really healthy AND enjoyable evening all at once.The event will start at 7:00pm on 2/9 and finish at about 10:00pm. The cost is 3800 yen per person and includes broccoli stew, brown rice, Vegeteable Miso soup, 1 glass of organic wine, and live violin performance. If you want to drink more, then it can be ordered at a special party price of 700 yen which normally costs 1400 yen. Grape juice can also be substituted in place of wine upon request.Seating is limited, so get your reservation soon!If you require special seating arrangements, please arrive 30 minutes early.



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