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Help get people out to parties. We need more promoters
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Is it easy to be a promoter? How does it work?

Anyone can be a promoter. Just choose a promoter code which is 10 characters or less. Ask to ensure that promoter code isn't in use by another "active" promoter. Then send party invites to your network. In the link to the reservation form, include your promoter code.

Here is a sample link to the reservation form


In this example, the promoter code is "dave". Without &lang_gui=jp will display in English.

When people reserve they print out the discount coupon / map and bring it to the party to receive a discount off the entrance price. On the discount coupon is written the promoter's company, name, or just the promoter code. After each party, we count the discount coupons to see the number of people each promoter brought to the party. Compensation is paid after the party.

We hope to work with an increasing number of promoters to make better parties.

Please contact us if you want to be a promoter.


Promoters need to bring a minimum of 5 people. We compensate per person you bring. Please ask the going rate for bringing people out to the party. We are just a little shy about publishing the rate on the web.

What kind of people we want

Target people we'd like to see at the parties

Target age is between 20-40.

People we'd like to avoid

Have own party. How can we work together?

Any party host, may use the discount coupon and reservation form screen for their own parties.

What you will need

Then link to the reservation form and tell people to register. Check who is coming by periodically logging into the reservation list page.

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New Friends International Party banner

Check out the party page for the next party here

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