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Blend in during your vacation to Japan. When you go to a resturant ask whether they have "sloppy whore die" and "tubby whore die."
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Yahoo has her legs locked tight

Here is the short story. I can't email my mother anymore. And yes it's yahoo's fault. Yahoo decided since I have a little over 10 friends that I'm a danger to society. And I'm an ungrateful disrespectful son. And of course, my mom deserves better. Thanks Yahoo for sorting my family issues out the Toyota way.

Not only can't I email my mother, I can't email people who came to the parties and use yahoo accounts.

The last company got that draconian was aol. And we all know what happened to aol.

So from this month, will start divesting from Yahoo users. Will pester yahoo.com / yahoo.co.uk users into using a different email account when registering for the parties. Also will ignore emails from yahoo users. Seriously have had it with yahoo.

@yahoo.co.jp is still OK. Luckily the Japanese had the good sense to not follow the US and UK.

Lost everything except our virginity

We had a great party and a good balanced turnout. What we didn't have was a graceful exit. I forgot two packages of plastic cups. And my red and white whips. Opps...whatever right. Then Ken lost his Nikon D40 camera. Mika lost her camera.

Tom "quit his boss" at Ikebukuro bar cord and got stiffed for 50,000 yen of salary. Of course, he's not happy about it. So Tom won't be coming back to bar cord. Tom is a huge supporter. So our nickers are in a bit of a bind. Do the parties without Tom or move to another club? So we are looking for another bigger venue. I'll try to have a talk with the bar management and talk some sense into them. It's actually in the clubs long term best interests to bite the undersized bullet and make nice with Tom. Oh, the suspense. Will let everyone know how this turns out.

Stimulants use

At the entrance, everyone got a chance to try Campari Testarossa. This drink's other name is "We hate Campari". We've had two bottles of Campari, forever, and no one ever drinks it. This drink is so popular that there is only one photo of it on the the web.


The results mostly shows a car that seems to have been squeezed through someone's rectum.


A Japanese guy, an expert on red bull and overwork, realized that Campari Testarossa is a class C stimulant! He finished the pitcher off. Shot classes are for sissys!

Hanami cast offs

The weekend of the party was also in the midst of hanami. Marion crawls in at 9:30PM. Offered him a tiny shot glass of Campari Testarossa. A cocktail, not even a strong cocktail, in a glass that resembles a thimble. He'd been drinking all day, with the eyes, covered in a shit faced glaze, to prove it. He showed the "have mercy on me" shamed head bow combined with the Japanese "get the fuck out of my way" karate hand chop. Added to the glazed over eyes, made a pretty convincing reason to get out of his way.

When the hanami worshippers ran out of nama beer (nama means "regular" and is read "watered down piss"), they decided to take advantage of the nomihodai. Which means "all you can drink" and is read "sloshy whore die" and often gets confused with "tubby whore die".

Newly classified species of partier.

Finally wrapped my head around another reason people come out to the parties. Not to meet new friends, most people are totally anti-social in Tokyo, just to hang out within their own comfort zone and chat within their social circle.

I can grow to hate these people, too.

Found out about this phenomenon when approaching a wall flower and offering to coax him into meeting some new friends. He was like "No, just waiting for the friends I came with." Didn't get it at first. What threw me off was the strained abandoned puppy dog look, just waiting for his owner to return. As well as his ass's confident determination to remain firmly planted in his stool.

A little dumbfounded by this experience, let out a nasal "humph" then looked up hoping for a little reassurance. As the seconds ticked off and the situation became increasingly awkward, decided to just move onto something else.

Biggest Fan corner

We are running a campaign to see who is our biggest fan ever. Granted haven't gathered too many responses yet because actually never asked anyone. So this one was given somewhat spontaneously

> Lily <lily0897@gmail.com> writes
You are not only insincere, but crazy.
You don't have an ability to have friends to use such an site to make friends. it's so easy to be friends together in our daily life. As you are insincere, you can't make friends.
Everybody know you!
As you are notorious as an insincere, filthy subhuman! recall your attitude!
Nobody loves such an unfaithful and filthy liar DIE!!!!!
Nobody loves such an unfaithful and filthy liar hitting on so many girls. DIE!!!!!

Thank you Lily! What passion you surely are our top fan so far.

If you think Lily is just a groupie wannabe fan please let us know how much you love the parties or the organizers.

Submit entries to our facebook group


Promise not to delete any entries. Or break the often bitched about rule of "no reporting anyone ever". So don't hold back. This stuff is precious! Keep it coming.

Also Lily mentioned she loves receiving photos of naked older guys.

See ya next party

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Search words

It's shocking how many people are looking for Roppongi this and Roppongi that. Admittedly haven't been collecting these search words because the parties are now in Ikebukuro, not Roppongi. Why? Roppongi is a cesspool, but a necessary evil.

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Different spellings of Bar Cord
bar cord
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Ikebukuro Bar Cord
‚a‚‚’ ‚b‚n‚q‚c@’r‘ά
Bar Cord ’r‘ά

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