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The DJs rocked! Execution could have gone smoother. Everyone was dancing and having fun.
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Shots at the door

We mixed White Russians. Which is vodka Kahlua and cream. Instead of normal cream, whipping cream was bought. So the mix didn't come out perfectly. I was warned that normal cream goes bad within a day or two. And was recommended to get the whipping cream which lasts much longer. That's because one of the main ingredients is vegetable oil. When has oil ever mixed well with anything. The white Russians came out looking like Grey Russians in a smoked filled room. Not so surprisingly, no one noticed?! The pitcher was emptied by the end of the night.

Next shot will be Campari Testarossa, which is Campari Vodka and Tonic. Campari is bitter and tonic is slightly bitter. So those sweet Cassis addicts are in for a shock. Tested it out this time. It mixes well and it tastes OK. Was worried that it would turn out too bitter.


We've all heard this story. Wakes up at 5AM to go jogging. Days are fuller longer and feel healthier and have tons of energy throughout the day. Then the bore bastard dies young. So typical right?! And so we tell ourselves, "Don't wanna be that over achiever, we all know how that ends..."

Well (cough) made the mistake of trying to make sure there was plenty of time to setup. The parties start at 7pm. Usually get to the club around 6:30PM. Often there are people already lining up at the door. So there is no time to setup. Chaos reigns for the next 30 minutes.

This time got there at 6PM. Now we'll have plenty of time to setup...

Stop laughing...

Of course, this has to end badly. What were we thinking. This is Tokyo! There are laws against anything going right here. The manager shows up at 6:50PM. Chaos reins for the next 30 minutes.


Tom scouted a group of DJs called Heavenly Nights. Two of the DJs came out Ash Sexington and Lexi. Lexi was up first. She quickly discovered that the speaker which allows the DJs to hear what they're playing was off. Lexi was pleading for help. Of course the drunks hadn't a clue what all them fancy knobs and switches are for. Doubt that was reassuring. The only person who knew how to fix that issue showed up about an hour later.

Besides having to DJ deaf. The DJs were awesome. Lots of people were dancing and having a good time.

Calling all foreigners

How often do foreign guys walk into a bar in Roppongi only to find it devoid of girls. International parties are usually the opposite. Tons of girls.

Been finding out the secret is in getting the foreigners out. Main hurdle is foreigners are lone wolves. The girls bring their friends. Which is weird, when guys go drinking they usually bring their guy friends along. Why should parties be any different?! So guys being your guy friends along.

See ya next party

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