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The Chummus was great! The weather was not too cold. And we had a great turnout!

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Shots at the door

So even the most uptight, serious, socially awkward person would loosen up at little, at the entrance, we offered a discount to drink a shot. This time, the shot was Black Russian. Which is 50% Vodka / 50% Kahlua. We mixed it in a pitcher.

By the end of the night, two bottles of Kahlua and an unknown amount of Vodka vanished. Tom, who helped out bartending, was last seen leaving with his pitcher and 1/4 of the Black Russian. He had work the next day. I don't know how he was still standing.

How the party activity went

When we did the make up / modeling photo activity, things were ad hoc and unorganized. People came to the booth, sat down, and found out we had a make up artist and agreed to have their face painted. Two people had their faces painted.

This time the activity started out unorganized. But obviously unorganized wasn't gonna work. So we had the DJs lower the music volume. A unidirectional microphone was prepared and adjusted the volume so everyone could hear. We made an announcement. No one heard it, so the volume was raised a lot. Second times a charm, and everyone heard that the activity was gonna start.

Two lines were formed: a line of girls and a line of guys. We coerced the girls to relax their death grip on their hand bags. Long enough to put them down. Then handed Boaz Hagay, the self defense instructor, the microphone. In the ensuing chaos, he instructed how to do a few basic self defense moves. The point is to train the girls how to handle taller bigger, and typically quite handsome, opponents. So the photos are mostly showing the girls beating up the guys. DJ Gejius accompanied the chaos we tunes appropriate for fighting like "We are the champions" by Queen. Mortal Kombat was not played. No guys were seriously injured...This time.

Basics of DJ management

The crowd this time was quite different. We had Taiwanese as well as Japanese (as well as the Shibuya crowd). It was the first time for many of the Taiwanese to join an international party. They just looked around and saw: a nice night club, a party, free flowing alcohol, and DJs. So they were like, "Hey lets dance". Get some dance music on. The DJs are used to Japanese crowds that prefer just socializing with the tunes in the background.

So next time, will have the DJs prepare dance music for the latter half of the party.

The music volume is always an issue. DJs always have the volume too high. More often then no one is giving feedback on what volume level is best.

There are so many who are non-native speakers of some language or another. At the party, there are native French, English, Chinese, and Japanese speakers. Often speaking in several different languages. More often than not, when conversing in their non-native, the music volume makes it difficult to clearly hear what's being said. Which is normal for a night club, but doesn't work at an international party.

So the DJs need to turn the volume down. And then turn it down again. But don't turn it off or throw out ear bleeding feedback screeches to see if everyone is awake.

Good intentions that either sink or swim

In January, had two people wanting to buy sweet cooked kosher red wine which we were serving at the party. This wine is super sweet, so it acts like a happy juice to make everyone a little buzzed and in good spirits. Only had one bottle left in stock.

Quite surprised there was interest in buying bottles of the same wines which were drunk at the party.

Brought the sweet happy juice along to the February party, as well as three bottles of red Israeli wine and two bottles of white Israeli wine. Off loaded the sweet happy juice. But wasn't able to get rid of any of the five nice bottles of Israeli red and white wine. Not to worry, the wines will be used at the next party in March.

DJ Gejius made his CDs available at the entrance. The packaging is well done. Plastic wrap sealed, bar coded, nice logo, and list of songs scattered across the CD cover. He must have put a lot of work into preparing them. Unfortunately, the CDs didn't move at all.

So why sell products at the party? In Japan, there are many foreign products that are either hard to get or impossible to get. Thought making those hard to get products available at the party might bring people out who are interested in doing an informal flea market. Don't know whether flea markets and international parties mix well. Haven't really given the flea market idea a fair shake. Should have announced it in the email and asked people to bring rare foreign products.

International, my left testicle

Most International parties are...well...not really, International. Mostly Japanese and western foreigners. This time, we had a guest house bring out lots of Taiwanese. We also had several foreign women. Which is absolutely wonderful.

See ya next party

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