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Rained out Friday make up party at Bar Cord in Ikebukuro

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Guys in make up

Fabien and Edwardo were both sports and had their faces painted by, Mami, the make up artist. We didn't have make up remover (opps) so Fabien took the make up mostly off with hand alcohol. Ouch! Fabien really liked his new look and decided to use the seediest photo as his facebook profile photo. The one with him licking the long whip. Personally prefer the photo with Mami going for her mobile phone and unsuspectingly becoming an impromptu arm rest for Fabien.

By the end of the party, the rain stopped!

Oh almost forgot...it rained. G'ds wrath pissed down on us yet we still got a good turnout. Due to the rain, we decided to wimp out and just do a cash bar. I didn't want the cardboard boxes to get all yucky when placed on the wet ground. Plus carrying boxes and umbrellas don't mix. What a mess that would have been.

Just hook me up to an IV drip, thanks.

That's when we learned that lots of people are coming for the all you can drink. For them, meeting friends thing seems to be just a side activity. So for all those guys drooling for the chicks there are four people waiting to get hammered. Who would have known?! So we are going to make it up to everyone and get them nice and hammered at the following Saturday's party.

Bartenders concur

Also Tom and Mariko were really looking forward to bartending. Seems like the most popular volunteer role. "And one for him and one for me. And one for the next guy and two for me." Amelie and Florent found out about this and now they can't wait to bartend.

The other roles are: the door, making sure the snacks are put out during the party, DJing. The door role was so popular i was stuck there the whole party. Next party we are setting up a bar at the door. Whose idea was that, hmmmm? Now the bartenders wanna do the door, too. At least during the chaos of the first 30 minutes or so.

When in Rome...Visit the orgies...or is that Greece??

According to Takako, the foreign guys weren't speak'n much of the local drawl. Yes Loren is going to a Japanese intensive program right now, but he just started. Tom, White Rabbit, and I speak. So wtf? But there is no arguing with her. She doesn't speak English at all. And there is no requirement to speak any English or anything else for that matter. But the Japanese speaking foreigners were hiding at the door. Which she found out when she was on her way out. White Rabbit and I then chatted with her.

Packing used condoms

DJ Cafe Omar shows up with two suitcases of vinyls, just to find out that the vinyl turn tables require something similar to diamond studded condoms. These seem to break, so DJs tend to take their's home with them. The bastards, right?! DJ Cafe Omar being the optimist got bitch slapped when it turned out there was no turn table condoms to be had. So he was left twittering his thumbs. He's learned his lesson and will make sure to keep some in his wallet from now on.

See ya next party

<-- 戻る

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