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House party at Tokyo New York English in Shibuya

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Just a matter of time

One thing that we (used to) take for granted in Japan was that theft is uncommon. DJ Cafe Omar was boasting how he forgot his skateboard twice and both times he came back and it was in the exact same place as he left it.

No other country in the world do people tend to just return other peoples stuff. Been here so long just take this for granted. What happened? Well Daniel Krefl's leather jacket walked off. Luckily the under coat was not taken. So Daniel didn't freeze that night. Although you can imagine he wasn't exactly happy. I'm thinking whoever took the coat was just drunk because they left the under coat which had an iPod in it's pocket. If you woke up on Sat and noticed someone else's leather jacket is in your room. Contact me by email and i'll take the coat and then return it to Daniel. No questions asked.

So for now on, i'll recommend people to use the lockers. In the case of Tokyo New York English, it's a house venue not a club, so it doesn't have lockers. So maybe locations with lockers are preferable.

Better quality crowd

This was a four hour all you can drink party! And we had four DJs come out. And the DJs brought their friends, so the people came out for the music and to get wasted. One of the regular girls commented that the kinda guys that came out were of better quality than usual. That comment sorta tickled me. Hey maybe music does matter! So we will continue to bring out popular DJs and hopefully we'll be able to consistently get out a good quality crowd. Oh and DJs and their friends seem to have hot girlfriends, so maybe having an iPod makes men more attractive?!

What's Richie notorious for?

Pouring strong drinks. Which means there is bound to be someone that's "gonna leave a happy customer". Luckily I got to hear this second hand from Keiko "Dave we need to go buy you a new wardrobe" and didn't have to see it. Some happy guy got so drunk he puked in his drink. Hold on...it gets better. He then was seen continuing to drink from the same cup. Sorry no photos that would have been priceless. Well Richie escorted him out of the building. And for all of those people wondering why we don't get our own venue, not having to clean up the puke tops off the list.

Next party

Will be in Ikebukuro at Bar Cord. We are trying something new. We will have makeup artists and a professional photography setup, so you might want to dress up a little. Should be fun. Anyone is welcome to help put make up on people. I'm sure everyone will get a kick out of this. Should be fun...

See ya next party

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