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First Roppongi party. So how'd it go?

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Who drank what?

Tom, who was doing the bar, had a little fun and tried to push some Campari on a few girls. Campari and tequilla are mostly guy drinks because they have a bitter taste. Cassis and orange and gin and tonic are mostly girl drinks. Surprisingly a few girls got drunk on whiskey on the rocks.

On Friday went to a party in Shibuya and tried out a plethora of fruit juice. Especially liked the berry fruit juice. So will try to buy more of a variety for next party and see what everyone thinks about it.

Driver cancelled, $&%*!

Every party something interesting and new happens. So this was one of those firsts. Wow the big excitement of the night (foreshadowing and thick sarcasm intended). Initially considered renting a car. So called up Hirosuke and asked if he would drive. Turned out taxi was the better way to go because the driver doesn't have to wait in the car until the party is over. Worked out OK. Just got to Roppongi 1/2 hour too early. Opps...

Thought the party started at 6PM?!

Roppongi starts happening around 10PM. So a 6-9PM party is like icing for a bar. Normally during that time, the bar would be mostly empty with a few people starting to roll in around 8PM. So the bar manager thought he'd show up, at the start of the party, at 6PM. Finally got him on the phone around 5PM. Said, for us, he'll show up around 5:30PM. We finally got in around 5:50PM. We normally try to setup around 5:30PM. Grrr....whatever no harm no foul.

First the Big Big disclaimer


What must be the worst thing that could come true when organizing a party is it turns out to be a sausage party. This is when way too many guys, like 80% or more, show up at a party. This happens quite often in Tokyo. I went to one in Ebisu one week before; 80% j guys. I answered the question "where are you from?" all night long. The issue with sausage parties is the guys gripe all night long and can't relax and have a good time.

That didn't happen...Actually...the opposite happened.

Didn't even know the word to describe, "the opposite". Hen party is 100% girls party. That's not exactly right. So Sam told me the word, it's a seafood party or a clam party.

Another way to describe it, in Tokyo terms, is what you find inside 109 building or Studio Alta. As if any non-herbivorous non-metrosexual guy has ever stepped foot in either one of those places. I've gone to the sushi store at the top of 109...once. Only because got dragged there. Have passed through Studio alta trying to get out of Shinjuku station. But didn't get lost on purpose.

The situation walking into the party, was surreal. It was like a sociology experiment or a reality TV show happening in slow motion. 5 girls to 1 guy.

As a sorta joke, asked all the guys if they had any complaints about the party. They unanimously said, "Hell no!!"

So now guys whatcha gonna do?

Every single guy had a shocked dumbfounded look on their face as they walked in. Some just stood there stunned and clueless as they walk in the door thinking maybe this place was actually a gentlemen's club.

I just went into denial. No this isn't happening...Again a sausage party is my worst fear. I don't know why? Is it justified? Don't know...

This situation, the exact opposite of a sausage party, never considered it could happen. Not even a possibility. Normally I try to be a good host and speak with almost everyone. This time was thumping from one group to another like a proverbial bunny rabbit.

Hirosuke decided he would do the door the whole time because he thought the girls wanted to talk in English to the foreigners. Which I guess this is the way a Japanese guys goes into denial. BTW he speaks English fine.

One foreign guy escaped to his spot at the bar. And drank alone?!

Sam, a navy officer??, had to warm up and even then was speaking to only one or two girls at a time. BTW Sam is away 250 days of the year and is looking for a female roommate to keep his Yokosuka 4LDK place clean. If you are interested email me and i'll pass the message along.

Funny the only Japanese guy attendee seemed to take this situation quite well. He just acted normally and didn't seem to mind. What was going through his mind must have been quite different from his cool external demeanor.

Robert Johnsonn, the DJ, just concentrated on his tunes. He must have noticed, right??

What did the girls think of it?

It was shocking the whole evening girls were exchanging contact information using their mobile phones. Which is great! The whole point of the parties is to meet new friends. I often joke when seeing someone exchanges info using mobile phones, that they are "having phone sex".

Normally the parties have few seats on purpose. At standing parties, it's easier to meet more people. This bar have both sofas and seats. People who were seated split into larger groups than men usually make. They was about one guy per group. Hope the guys were able to get lots of girls contact information too.

Little testimonial from one of the girls.

I'm Toshiko.

I just wanna say "thank you".

I took part in new friends party yesterday.

This time i was first time and came alone.

So I didn't know what should I do?

But you talked to me. I could relax.

Thank you!

I think you are nice organizer!!

I watched movie almost time, but I can get new friend!

yokatta :-)

Thank you for reading.


See ya next party

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