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First party at Ikebukuro Bar Cord. Now do regular parties here every 1st Sat.

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What did you forget this time?

Opps...forgot the camera. So no photos this time.

Ask Amelie...

Amelie gave more advice on alcohol. This time how to avoid going to the bathroom every two minutes.

Bubbly drinks are things like mixers (Tonic & club soda) and beer, and champagne. If you mix bubbly drinks with the hard stuff you'll be in the bathroom constantly. Drink up to 7 bubbly drinks before moving on to the hard stuff then you're bladder will be fine.

Why is bladder issue so important? Well at most parties there are not enough toilets and long lines at the few toilet there are. I've seen women wait 20 mins on line for the bathroom (cough tsalon cough). Squirming and twisting trying their utmost to hold it in. I blame the party organizer for the long lines at the party. Serving crap chu hai and beer at a party is inhumane.

A Night club in Ikebukuro?!

The west side of Ikebukuro is mostly known for love hotels and prostitution. Now would be an excellent time to stop pretending to be in shock. So would people want to come out to Ikebukuro for a party?

There is also the breaking of the golden rule. "Always make parties on Sat" This party was on a Friday. So we had the double whammy Ikebukuro on a Friday. Surely we had set sail for disaster...

Shibuya dwellers shun Ikebukuro thinking it's too far. Saitama people should love it, but shockingly they also like Shibuya? So we were stressing out about turnout. Really worried there would be tons of foreigners and no girls. Luckily the girl/guy ratio was same as always 50%/50%. Turned out to be a good party with a fun crowd.

DJs and international parties

We had 3 DJs at this party. Having a full line up of DJs was an experiment. At international parties the focus is usually conversation, not the music. This time the DJs took a little more active role in the party. Some people came to hear the music, most were trying to talk over the music. Want to hear what the other person is saying then you had to get in real close. A few non-natives complained it was a bit hard to hear the what other people were saying.

Positive points are we got quite a few people up and dancing. The some DJs tend to bring their friends. And people coming into the bar like the atmosphere choosing to stay and join the party.

Late comers

In many bars in town they have the standard "Lets rip off the first timers" scam. The clubs pretend to have a party and charge an entrance fee and then also charge for drinks. It's outright fraud. Can understand if people are a little suspicious about paying without first having a peek inside.

So at the door we get a lot of people that want to look in and then left. We had a good party going. Maybe they just wanted a peek and never intended on going in?! Should we allow them to look?! What is the bars position?

Also we had regulars show up near the end of the party. At least ten people poking their heads in to see whether we were wearing togas or dancing the chacha. Really don't know what they are after. Should we figure out a deal with the bar and take the money or charge half the entrance fee. Think the club is inclined towards taking money when it's ripped out. Maybe we have to figure this out with each club.

Special Thanks

Taxi driver for driving us around in circles and then dropped us off two blocks from the club. We got there at 6:50pm. Party started at 7PM. Luckily most people kept the tradition and showed up fashionably late.

Charlie for bringing his Zushi navy pals. One of the navi guys explained his position on gays. "He is pro gay. It means more women for him"

Celia showed us how to twirl two whips at the same time. She did this a lot in college. Often the ends were on fire, so it looks cool when the lights are out. She accomplished this without hitting herself! And without taking out any bystanders! Celia is Amelie's husbands sister.

Congrats to Amelie she did the impossible and found a job during a deep recession. She and her husband can now stay in Japan for at least one more year. The job is not glamorous, it's just packing boxes. Shockingly the pay is good and getting any good in a recession is a good job. So congrats. Amelie and I shared a victory dance to celebrate the good news!

See ya next party

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