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Held a party at Thai Country bar and resturant. Wonderful food. Too many chairs. Much prefer standing bar style

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Thai food yum yum!!

The Thai Restaurant surprised us by offering an extra dish, "chicken and cashews". The other dishes were "Phad Thai" (clear rice noodles, chicken, bean sprouts, lemon, peanuts, leek...) and "Green Curry". Can't get enough of that Phad Thai.

Ice Breaker Stiffy

For those that got to the party early, as promised, had two bottles of King David's kosher sweet cooked red wine. A 2004 bottle of the dry red wine and Malibu and pineapple. The King David's wine goes super fast, so within the first 10 minutes, poof gone. Keiko has been nagging me get Malibu get Malibu, so I got some Malibu. She came late and missed it. So next party, need to remind her to get to the party early.


Matthew made a request for Tequilla. So watch out...Gonna get one of those huge bottles for next party.

French wisdom

Amelie offering up French wisdom
Amelie drawn to bottle of 2004 French dry red wine.

Amelie shares a little French wisdom concerning wine.

Red wine is served with red meat

White wine is served with chicken

Never drink red wine after drinking white wine. You'll get sick.

Also I figured out the hard way vodka and red wine don't mix well either...

And Amelie thought, putting it mildly, that California wine is awful. She's maybe biased or maybe telling the truth. I'll stick with the Israeli kosher red wine.

BTW California is going bankrupt July 28th. Mark that in your calendars. Does that mean the LA ports will also close?! If that happens then say goodbye to California wine. California is the 8th largest economy in the world!! 8 ball corner pocket....gone...

Special Thanks

to DJ starFury (Sven Lowe) who will be leaving Japan at the end of July. Think he's off to Thailand or Vietnam. Forgot which one...

to Akihiro Nishio for inviting his English conversation groupies. For those that don't already know. Nishio-san hosts a party out in Tatsumi once a month. You gotta know someone to find out about it. Nishio-san and I plan to do parties once a month.

to Nutong for driving the alcohol and snacks and my lazy butt back and forth.

See ya next party

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