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How the party went

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Here's an idea

I'm always coming up with all these ideas. Some work, most don't. Regardless it's fun either way. And that's all...No wait..

Lets have some fun

So next hair brained idea, first drink has to be a stiff one. Some people seriously need to loosen up to have fun.

So the question is what stiffy will go over well with the ladies who've traditionally been downing gallons of tonic and soda water pretending what they are drinking qualifies as alcohol.

If you're waiting for an answer, it's a work in progress.

So next idea how to avoid getting totally wasted. As a host I'd need to encourage everyone to drink a stiffy. And since drinking is a social disease, I don't want to be caught with my pants down and drink stiffys with everyone. In that case, definitely wouldn't be walking out the party standing. Need a few other hosts. Wow a use for alcoholics. Finally, there is a place in the world for them afterall.

Saw that the Treasure Chest in Shibuya had a whip and a paddle. Got a little jealous, so bought a small whip and a long whip. They didn't have any paddles. Buu whuu :,-( Both went over well at the party. Yea!! Turns out the small whip might also be good for swatting mosquitoes. Having watched too much National Geographics and Discovery channel always wanted to get one of those fly swatting whips. Hahaha now I got one. Tokyo beware. So gonna make a trip to the park to test that out. Hmmm maybe walk around Tokyo carrying a whip. Hahaha the police will have to amend the swords and firearms law if this whip thing ever developed into a fad. Then the whore mongering Japan gov't would have a new fashion to export besides maid and geisha girls. "Hey we are Japanese, bend over and take your punishment." I can see the Chinese guys lining up right now.;-)

Marco brought Dirty Japanese book and Junko trying unsuccessful to get Marco's attention.

So enough with the foreplay how'd the parties been going?

The Casablanca party in Kabukicho was a huge success. This party was with Nishio-san. So gotta do more and more parties with him in the future. Just in a different place. So we are gonna try Thai Country in Shin-Okubo, so there will be food available.

The Harajuku party the turnout was ehhh. Think some people didn't know whether to go out when it was overcast. Call this one to a rain day. Even so don't know whether to make a party at this spot again. Gonna stick with smaller rooms. Or stick with rooms which can be filled past 5% capacity. Harajuku just too big. Cool thing is got out enough volunteers finally. Still have enough alcohol left over to do another party.

Looking forward to the Thai Country party on Jun 13th. Both the patay and green curry are excellent. And the bar/restaurant is located one block from the station. Can't beat that.

<-- 戻る

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