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How the Harajuku New Friends International party went. What a huge venue!

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So how did the party go?!

Harajuku 2009 Apr 11th party had a good turnout of Japanese. No one was complaining. Especially not the foreign guys. It was a little wilder than usual. Which is a good thing.

Frisbee antics

Had lots of people show up early. Luckily brought a frisbee to throw around. Which forced people to get off their butts and have a little fun. Don't worry nothing is breakable inside the party room. OK some drinks got spilled. No worries we have a mop. Just had to try throwing the frisbee from the balcony, across the party floor, to someone standing on the stage. OK some drinks got spilled. Opps...Whatever... Someone mentioned bringing a volleyball. Might try that, but then would also need to get a pump in case the ball needs air. Will think about it.

Modeling Agency solicitor

Had a girl from a modeling agency come out. She was trying to encourage foreigners to register with their agency. An Aussie guy caught wind of this and got a little pissy. Obviously not the sleepy or crying kinda drunk. He didn't appreciate her one bit. Luckily he came with a friend that calmed him down. Would like to find more about this model agency. Will visit them soon to see if we can send foreigners their way. OK what was forgotten this time?! There is always something. Forgot the music and the waste water bucket. Opps. Turned out not to be a big problem. Oh and a rag for the bar. Always always forget that.

Small World

Two Japanese girls meet each other at the party and found out they went to the same kindergarten. One of the girls remembered the other girl. Foreigners are always amazed that Japanese keep in touch with people they knew in school. Japanese somehow remember everyone. So why can't Japanese pick up the phone more often to call their new foreigner friends?? Hmmmm.

After Party

Had a crazy night after the party. Went to Yoyogi koen to meet new people. It was a little chilly, but people were doing all nighters there. Not a few people...lots and lots of people. Makes sense it was a Saturday night. Can't figure out why people were catching the last train. The night was young. While going to Shibuya, passed near NHK and danced a little bit with some people on the street. Then went onto Tasuichi and O-Bar standing bars. Then Earp in Daikanyama. Learned lots of dirty Japanese words from the local Yakuza. The only repeatable word is waraijogo meaning drunk that laughs constantly. Definitely prefer the happy drunks...Where are they?! Got a photo of a wine bottle shaped like a babies bottle. After grabbing a few drinks with the locals, went onto Baja in Naka-meguro. Baja makes good burritos and nachos. Everyone that goes there are regulars it seems. The regulars turned out to be Chinese Americans. One was from Texas?! They were complaining about Japanese people asking them the 20 questions. They realized people that look less Japanese must get that constantly. Yep you can't run fast enough to avoid Japanese people asking those questions. But there is a secret weapon that works against the 20 questions...Shhhh secret shhhh. Have to ask me what it is... Got photos of most of these places, so check out the photo page.

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