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How the party went

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So how did the party go?!

Casablanca Mar 28th & Hatsudai Mar 29th. Both these parties were an experiment. We just had the Casablanca Mar 21st party. We didn't have a big expectation on how things would turn out.

Came out of the parties with two Duh, why didn't we realize this earlier ideas.

Change in how the parties are run

First we all work too [explicitive deleted] much for no good reason. And when we go to a party, relaxing seems like a distant dream. Instead we meet, drink, exchange contact information and try our hardest to never contact each other again.

Fuck that

We need to have more fun at the party and stop hoping for what comes next.

So how can be break down our barriers and increase the fun factor....Buddy system

Drinking by oneself is called alcoholism. Supposedly that's bad, right?! So drinking alone = bad. So everyone should buddy up. Arm around shoulder if you want to drink. No walking without a designated drinking buddy in tow. And then we can say goodbye to those barriers.

We pulled before we pushed

Noticed the people that attend the parties fall into a few categories: friends we stay in regular contact with, friends we sometimes we've partied with in the past, a few regulars, and the newbies. Besides the newbies all the other groups tend to return and sometimes bring along their friends. What we want to do is start encouraging and rewarding this behavior. So here is the incentive policy.

Bring five friends and get in free. Bring three friends and get 1,000 yen off. We will talk about this and hopefully after a little while it'll grow wings.

The casablanca management asked us to drop the restrictive pricing on Asian guys and old fucks for the casablanca events. Since we were in a cooperative mood, without putting up any resistance, we agreed.

Stop fucking stalling. How'd the events go?

Got a balanced mix of guys and girls at both events. Higher girl than guys at the Hatsudai event. The turnout was low which allowed everyone to relax more and have some fun. Especially yours truly. Stayed at Casablanca 'til around 11PM.

What's in store for the next event

The next party is gonna be in Harajuku, The place is huge. Nothing breakable. So will bring a frisbee that we can throw from the blacony toward the stage until it gets stuck somewhere.

The bar is going to be on the stage this time, so might have a few bottles of alcohol get broken. Looking forward to the mayhem.

<-- 戻る

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