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How the party went

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So how did the party go?!

We had New Friends Intl party at Casablanca on Mar 21st, 2009. The party went well. Only a few snafus.


Casablanca is just a wonderful venue. Lounge upstairs, dance floor with DJ setup downstairs, and bars on both floors. The management is very supportive and friendly. Needless to say we are very happy about the venue. The bartender Simon did mention he had nothing to do during the event. Simon eventually got into the party and took over after ~8:30PM.

Forgot the clipboards. Luckily didn't need it. Forgot the CDs. Again luckily didn't need it. Remembered to make a menu and then forgot to add Campari to it. The menu had Malibu, but not a single person wanted it.

We had lots of foreigners show up. White girls, black girls, and a variey of Asian girls. Had black and white guys. And only a few Asian guys. Couldn't be happier with the mix of people that came out.

We learned from last time. Beforehand unwrapped all the snacks. During the party, since the trash is near the bar, people generally won't unwrapped the snacks by themselves.


One (much) older woman attended the Harajuku party. The next party she brought five friends. Think her friends are refugees from another International party in Tokyo. To add insult to injury, Grandpa kept complaining about the food. He did the same thing at that other Internation party in Tokyo. So guess this is the guy's modis operandi. Then the Korean grandma threw a hissy fit, complaining about not getting a seven course meal. Was so happy when they left. Fucking Depends daiper wankers!

Back before the party. Talked on the phone with the (much) older women. She said she used to be a party organizer. And had gotten out 80 people at 8,000 yen / person before. The warning signs should have gone up after she said that. Only old people pay 8,000 yen for an event. But I didn't put two and two together until she came up to me at the event. She scamed her way in eventough I hadn't agree to it. And brought her posse of old complainers in tow. Such a frustrating situation. But she provided the solution. She shouldn't have mentioned what she charged in her glory days. From now on anyone >=45 years old pays 8,000 yen at the door. I won't say no. Will just set prices beyond their reach.
Fuck 'em!!

We had the place, reserved for ourselves, until 9PM. After that everyone was welcome to stay as long as they wanted. At 8PM a group of j guys dressed straight out of a hip hop music video showed up. They wanted to have a meeting. The club management worked it out and I comprimised and let them in at after 8:30PM. Have to admit they looked like teddy bears to me. And it was cute how they followed their alpha male leader around.

There are really good reasons why we don't provide beer. One of them is beer makes you pee and if everyone is drinking beer a long line forms at the toilet. There are only two toilets at this venue. To avoid that long lines, we don't serve beer. Was doing the reception next to the toilets and everyone that bought beer was constantly there.

Check this out. Here is the photo of the entrance we took at the party.

And here is what we grabbed off of google street view.

Not happy with Google's street view image. Obviously was taken in the middle of the day. Kabukicho is mostly empty at that time. Nothing is opened so it looks completely different. The entrance to Casablanca is obscured by the other entrance going to higher floors. So it's not clear where the entrance is or what it looks like. Also had to waste time photoshopping out a person on the street.

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