Link Network -- Getting Started


What is LinkNetwork?

Using white hat SEO techniques, there is no way to avoid getting your hands dirty by writing content. Link Network content consists of reviews of our own contacts' web sites. A review guides readers to noteworthy pages. The review helps melt hearts before asking them for a link in return. Maybe open the door to other business as well.

LinkNetwork guildes you through the workflow of exchanging links with ur contacts. Once you've completed one transaction, exchanging links, it becomes easier to do other transactions.

Now u know exactly what to write about next ;-)

Getting Started

LinkNetwork comprises of two applications:

1st step is to setup a mobile community account. The signup form is here.

A Contact DB account is not required to use events and coupons. Contact DB becomes necessary only when using LinkNetwork.

The setup of a Contact DB account is done manually. Similar to a web host provider. Takes a day or so to set up the account. Contact us to setup an account.

Configure LinkNetwork

  1. Login to Mobile Community. Go to Link Network->Settings.

  2. Enter your Contact DB credentials (login/password) this will link the two applications. LinkNetwork will then be able to draw urls from contacts profiles in ur Contact DB account. For security reasons, you have only one attempt to set your credentials. When we setup the Contact DB, we may go ahead and link the two applications. In which case ignore this step. If you mess up contact us, we'll probably do it for you at that point.

  3. Enter your web sites FTP info. For security reasons, once you've entered ur web sites FTP info, the login / password can be changed, but is not displayed. Once your web site's FTP info is entered and saved, should be able to publish the linknetwork to your web site!

Publish first site review

Open LinkNetwork->WorkArea
Here is an explanation of the menu links:

Lists sites that will appear on the front page of the LinkNetwork. Clicking "Publish front page" will publish the links in ur workarea. Make sure to write a review before you publish it.
Find Link
This is where you find urls to import into your workarea. Where or not you search for a specific url, random results will also be shown. Click the refresh link display another set of random links.
These are the contact's that don't want to or don't know how to return a link to your site. The sites urls will still be published in the category section.
Others Inbound
Can search through other users cooperative contacts! You'll only see the web site and contact's name. But that'll be enough for you to also contact them for a link exchange.

To get started go to the Find Link page and add a few contacts' urls into your workarea. The work area walks you through the process of exchanging links.
Here are the steps

Once you've added a url into your work area, step "In workarea" is completed. "In workarea" font color will be dark orange. Next step is "write a review". Look at your contact's web site and take your time writing an interesting fun and comprehensive review of their site. Do not copy and paste content from your contact's site. That is a SEO big no no! You want the review to be original.

This will entice your contact to hopefully put in extra effort when not only giving you an inbound link, but writing a few pleasant words about your own site.

Last step. Click the "publish front page" link. Click cntl-click the "Your link network front page" link. This will open your sites link network in a new tab.

Asking your contact for an inbound link

You've just published a few outbound links. Now call / email your contact. Click the "Contact" link after having spoken with your contact. This will set the last contacted date.

The moment of truth.

If you've received a reciprocal link click "Inbound Yes". You can then enter the location of where that inbound link is.

If you catch ur contact in the wrong mode and they tell u to piss off or they don't know how to return an inbound link then click "Inbound No". This will put the link in the Declined page. The link will no longer appear in your workarea.

Click "verified" after you've had a change to check the inbound link is done in a tasteful way. This will set the verified date. The link will no longer appear in your workarea. It's new home is in the Inbound list. Congrats!

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