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It's one thing to know someone. Completely different to know someone who is willing to cooperate. A link exchange is an easy test to see if have met someone who is cooperative.

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New gadgets from Asia that brings benefit (osaka, japan) e-commerce

E-Commerce/Auction site focused on gadgets from Asian market. Often can find rare gadgets, not found on larger sites.

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Community oriented veggie friendly Cal-Mex resturant (tokyo, japan) restaurant

Foreigners coming to Japan often feel lonely, lost in all things Japanese, but longing for a break from Japan.

The Pink Cow welcomes you to it's very international California living room style with always veggie friendly Cal-Mex cuisine.

Community is not easy to find in Japan. Pink Cow restaurant and bar is a rare exception.

If you are a foreigner in Tokyo you'll eventually come to pink cow.

The staff of the pink cow are very welcoming and friendly.

Excellent home style cooked food, great events almost every day, dj booth, live music, and artistic work is showcased and regularly you can see new artistic works! That alone is worth the trip.

If you see the owner Traci tell her Dave says hi!

social media consultant so where's the blog? (tokyo, japan) marketing

Run by Ed Thompson, who teaches in Temple Universities continuing education program. Company services: Strategic Planning, marketing consulting, and project management.

American style bakery. My fav is the apple pie (tokyo, japan) restaurant

American Bakery very close to Nakano station on the chuo line. Short hop away from Shinjuku station.

If you are living in Tokyo, u are in luck. These cakes and desserts are exceptional!

There will definitely be a cake you'd like to try.

Luckily orders can be placed right off the site. Here is the menu in English

Best brownies, moist banana bread, or apple crumble pie. Can't decide which one is my favorite ;-)

FX sites never short on amazing CGI (tokyo, japan) media

Blogging is for people that don't make spectacular Fx movies and sound production.

Captivated by sites that do one thing really well, in this case show their special effects work, while just snubbing their nose at the religion of Google. And it's not like LegionFx isn't setup. Looks as if the site is built around a blog software.

Not one stinking article.


And not even bothering to write a short blurb about the making of the video, what parts LegionFx worked on, be a resource of information in the Fx sphere, tools used. Nothing. A few keyword tags and a tag cloud. Not much to go on.

What we can all take away from this is a few Youtube videos on the front page of your site doesn't hurt. In fact, Google thinks you're site is awesome!

Know from talking with Jeff Gordon that they are also placing models with their large media clients. You can sign up on the site, but not a word about what you are signing up for.

Get your products onto super market shelves (miami, usa) marketing

Cousin of mine.

Her family introduces products to grocery stores and secures shelf space for clients that want to sell their merchandise in grocery stores.

sports energy drinks and vitamin suppliments (tokyo, japan) health

Manufacturer of energy drinks and vitamins/minerals for sports, health, and fitness conscious active people.

Have used Replenish. Which is like rocket fuel to return vitamins and minerals lost during exercise. Comes in poaches. Mix with water in a pet bottle and drink within 30 minutes.

Don't drink it after leaving it out for a long time, cuz it's perfect nutrition for not only the bacteria in your stomach, also the bacteria in the air. So it's not meant to be stored after it has been mixed with water.

To buy direct, go to their online shop.

Coaching noobs on building social media presence (tokyo, japan) marketing

Got in contact with Saul who was helping to get the word out about a meetup of the South Kansai meetup group.

He brought up a good point, the way we met each other was thru being active in social media.

Turns out Saul has a huge social media presence and is very open to teach others on how to improve their own marketing efforts.

After talking with Saul i joined, added facebook comments box to an otherwise non-interactive site, and began to understand the importance of sharing other peoples' articles, comments, photos, and videos.

Hope to learn more and more about social media. Good to have found someone so knowledgable and open as Saul.

Saul is currently developing "social web apps." One is in the works to help to understand what is happening on twitter.

Original music composer and DJ (tokyo, japan) music

Not a come occurrence running into a dj that composes, sings, performs live while placing a keyboard and using a laptop.

If u judge a dj upon whether they get people on the dance floor and has the wow factor.

Gejius has it.

Was a repeat dj at the Ikebukuro parties back in the day.

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