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  What we are after is a conversation rather than a simple link.


These banners are used for marketing purposes and can be used by anyone. When linking to us please use one of these banners. Preferably write a few words about the service, so visitors can understand generally about Backup Report service before getting a more detailed explanation by visiting the Backup report site.

Horizontal banners

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Small (5KB W160px / H45px)

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Standard (10KB W468px / H60px)

Vertical or tower banners

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Square 1 (5KB W85px / H67px)

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Use of the Service Reliability Logo

Service Reliability Logo (hereinafter referred to as "Logo") is limited to:
Active Customers, Only be used by web sites that are using Backup Report service
Links from customers web site must use Logo and can not be a text link.
Logo must be taken down immediately upon termination of service.

Written permission must be obtained for use of the Logo outside of the above conditions.