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Backup Report -- About Us

  Business is about people who preferrably drink beer.

Management Team

Dave Faulkmore

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Started New Friends party Feb 2009 with a Valentines party. There has been so many lessons learned.

Has been all you can drink parties since Day 1. Now those parties are:

  • At a regularly scheduled time every month.
  • Held at the same venue since Dec 2009. So everyone knows when and where to expect the parties.
  • Has a consistant theme / activity; teaching bartending.
  • Has a registration pages for both PC and mobile phones.
  • Has a network of promoters that help bring people out.

The next step is to release a dating service. Which will be priced the same as the parties. So you can either go to the party or out on a date.

Backup Report was started in late 2007.

See Backup Report as piece of mind. Saved my butt several times. And several people who depend way too much on the competence of their ISP.

Next improvement will be setting up paypal for easy reoccuring payment.