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Before shot of the booth

Teaching Bartending

Here is the booth before we used the blender without the lid on. Just kidding ;-) Can see the pre cut pineapples and the heart covered bucket which is set to be retired.
We brought a fan!

To beat the heat, we brought a fan

At the July party, the entrance got ridiculously hot. So in August, brought a fan to make the area bearable. Nao Camara and Dave.
Glowing drinks

Harumi and Hirosuke

Harumi and Hirosuke behind the bar. Harumi got wasted and went home in a taxi. Asked her to finish the bottle of red wine. Opps!
You brought a blender?

Two new additions

Keiko wanted to make pina coladas. So we brought the blender, and extension cord, and two packages of pineapples. The pineapples were a hit!
Mixing pina coladas

Using the blender

Teaching bartending merely acting as a walking talking cookbook. Everyone gets into making the drinks. Think she is pouring pineapple juice. Kota get your hands out of the way!!
the snacks

Glamour shot of the snacks

Beautiful shot of the snacks. Next party, will serve pineapples as well.

Spectating and waiting to be served drinks

Not everyone tried their hand at mixing drinks. Here we have spectators waiting to be handed drinks.
Tracy and Hirosuke

Tracy and Hirosuke

Tracy was lighting up the dance floor and drinking tequilla straight.
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What we brought for teaching Bartending

To beat the heat, we brought a fan

Harumi and Hirosuke and glowing drinks

Showing off the blender and pineapples

Need a blender to make pina colada.

Glamour shot of the snacks and dips

Spectating and drinking method #1 Pina Colada.

Tracy and Hirosuke and the cow logo

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